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A database application for wilderness character monitoring

Formally Refereed
Authors: Ashley Adams, Peter Landres, Simon Kingston
Year: 2012
Type: Scientific Journal (JRNL)
Station: Rocky Mountain Research Station
Source: Park Science. 28(3). Online:


The National Park Service (NPS) Wilderness Stewardship Division, in collaboration with the Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute and the NPS Inventory and Monitoring Program, developed a database application to facilitate tracking and trend reporting in wilderness character. The Wilderness Character Monitoring Database allows consistent, scientifically based monitoring of trends in wilderness character throughout the National Park System and, potentially, throughout the National Wilderness Preservation System. Furthermore, the database allows the Park Service to track whether wilderness character is improving, stable, or degrading at the local, regional, or national level.


character, database, monitor, wilderness


Adams, Ashley; Landres, Peter; Kingston, Simon. 2012. A database application for wilderness character monitoring. Park Science. 28(3). Online: ArticleID 543&Page 1