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Stakeholders’ engagement in promoting sustainable development: Businesses and urban forest carbon

Formally Refereed
Authors: N. C. Poudyal, J. P. Siry, J. M. Bowker
Year: 2012
Type: Scientific Journal
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: Business Strategy and the Environment 21(2012):157-169


To better understand how businesses’ motivation and support for green projects varies by their organizational objectives and characteristics, this study investigates a case of urban forestry carbon credits in a broader context of climate change mitigation efforts. Companies and organizations currently participating in the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) were surveyed regarding their perception of consumers’ concerns with climate change, attitudes toward government regulations, factors important to their emission management decisions, and their interest in buying and paying premiums for carbon credits sourced from urban forestry. Statistical analysis of the responses reveals noticeable differences among various types of business organizations. The findings are useful for understanding how businesses respond to different kinds of green products and will help in the development of green product markets. Finally, the results will help in developing effective environmental policies that respond well to businesses’ objectives and preferences.


climate change, environmental policy, stakeholder attitudes, green product, strategic marketing, sustainable development


Poudyal, N. C.; Siry, J. P.; Bowker, J. M. 2012. Stakeholders engagement in promoting sustainable development: Businesses and urban forest carbon. Business Strategy and the Environment 21(2012):157-169.