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Sensitivity of landscape metrics to pixel size

Formally Refereed
Authors: J. D. Wickham, K. H. Riitters
Year: 1995
Type: Scientific Journal
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: Int. J. Remote Sensing 16(18):3585-3594


Analysis of diversity and evenness metrics using land cover data are becoming formalized in landscape ecology. Diversity and evenness metrics are dependent on the pixel size (scale) over which the data are collected. Aerial photography was interpreted for land cover and converted into four raster data sets with 4, 12, 28, and 80 m pixel sizes, representing pixel sizes up to that available on Landsat-MSS. Analysis of covariance was used to determine the effect of changing pixel size on landscape metrics. The results indicate that landscape metrics should not be dramatically affected by the change in pixel size up to 80 m, provided that identical land cover classifications could be generated by sensors with different spatial resolving powers (e.g. Landsat-TM and MSS).


Wickham, J. D.; Riitters, K. H. 1995. Sensitivity of landscape metrics to pixel size. Int. J. Remote Sensing 16(18):3585-3594.