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Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases in the Southeast USA

Informally Refereed
Authors: Kenneth L. Mitchell, Kimberly M. Adelberg, Marilyn Brown, Ryan Brown, Diana Burk, Cort Cooper, Jeffrey S. Gaffney, Garry P. Garrett, Daniel Garver, Stephen A. Smith, Ge Sun, Thomas Wells
Year: 2013
Type: Scientific Journal
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: NCA Southeast Technical Report 267-281


Key Issues
  • Continued investment in clean energy, including energy efficiency and clean energy supply options, including for transportation.
  • Maintenance of carbon sinks in the face of development pressures.


Mitchell, Kenneth L.; Adelberg, Kimberly M.; Brown, Marilyn; Brown, Ryan; Burk, Diana; Cooper, Cort; Gaffney, Jeffrey S.; Garrett, Garry P.; Garver, Daniel; Smith, Stephen A.; Sun, Ge; Wells, Thomas. 2013. Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases in the Southeast USA. NCA Southeast Technical Report 267-281.