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International trade of U.S. hardwood lumber and logs, 1990-2013

Informally Refereed
Authors: William G. Luppold, Matthew S. Bumgardner
Year: 2014
Type: Magazines or Trade Publications
Station: Northern Research Station
Source: Hardwood Market Report. 92(27):1,5,7,9,11-15.


United States (U.S.) hardwood log and lumber exports surged in the early- and mid-1970s in response to the adoption of floating exchange rates. However, assessing these changes in international trade became difficult in the 1980s due to increased underreporting of hardwood lumber and log shipments between the U.S. and Canada. By 1990, these data problems were rectified, allowing 1990 to be the earliest starting point for any analysis of hardwood lumber or log trade. The complements to hardwood lumber and log exports are hardwood imports for domestic consumption. U.S. hardwood lumber and log imports and exports have fluctuated since 1990. The source and destination countries have changed, as has the balance of trade between exports and imports of these products.


Luppold, William G.; Bumgardner, Matthew S. 2014. International trade of U.S. hardwood lumber and logs, 1990-2013. Hardwood Market Report. 92(27):1,5,7,9,11-15.