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Long-term projections of backcountry recreation use

Formally Refereed
Authors: Ken Cordell, J.M. Bowker
Year: 2013
Type: Scientific Journal
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: International Journal of Wilderness


Management of wildcrnc!>s and other backcountry lands can be more sure-footed if some notion of what the future will hold is revealed. An important part of what future is recreational use of these lands. Some have argued that per capita nature-based recreation use has been declining and ma} continue doing so in the future (Pergams and Zaradic 2008). Harris (2012) reported that whereas total hunting and fishing participation numbers declined between 1996, and 2006, wildlife watching was on the rise. Findingd from the 2011 Nature Survey of Fishing


Cordell, Ken; Bowker, J.M. 2013. Long-term projections of backcountry recreation use. International Journal of Wilderness, 19(2): 11-16. 6 p.