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Feller-buncher Operator Breaks Power Line

Formally Refereed
Authors: J. Thompson
Year: 2014
Type: Scientific Journal
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: Safety Alert 14-S-6. Forest Operations Review (May 2014): 33


On a summer day in the South, a rubber-tired feller-buncher operator was performing a first thinning in a pine plantation. The feller-buncher was working in a new area of the stand, removing the take-down row and thinning the two rows on either side. The trees were approximately 15 years old, and there was a relatively thick layer of underbrush. The stand of timber surrounded the landowner’s home.


Thompson, J. 2014. Feller-buncher Operator Breaks Power Line. Safety Alert 14-S-6. Forest Operations Review (May 2014): 33. 1 p.