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The future of global urbanization and the environment

Formally Refereed
Authors: Rob McDonald, Burak Guneralp, Wayne Zipperer, Peter Marcotullio
Year: 2014
Type: Scientific Journal
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: Solutions


Using findings of the Cities and Biodiversity Outlook (CBO), we propose three specific solutions to mitigate the loss of
ecosystem services and biodiversity in our urban and urbanizing landscapes. The CBO identified continued loss of critical
habitats for biodiversity conservation and degradation of many important ecosystem services due to urbanization.
The fact that most ecosystem services and biodiversity itself are common goods facilitates this loss and degradation.
To address this issue, a fundamental solution can be giving value to ecosystem services and biodiversity in the marketplace
and firmly incorporating them in urban planning processes


McDonald, Rob; Guneralp, Burak; Zipperer, Wayne; Marcotullio, Peter. 2014. The future of global urbanization and the environment. Solutions. November-December 2014: 60-69. 10 p.