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Fire in Eastern North American Oak Ecosystems: Filling the Gaps

Formally Refereed
Authors: Julian (Morgan) Varner, Mary Arthur, Stacy Clark, Daniel C. Dey, Justin Hart, Callie Schweitzer
Year: 2016
Type: Scientific Journal
Station: Pacific Northwest Research Station
Source: Fire Ecology, Volume 12, Issue 2.


This special issue of Fire Ecology is focused on the fire ecology of eastern USA oak (Quercus L.) forests, woodlands, and savannas. The papers were presented as part of the Fifth Fire in Eastern Oak Forests Conference in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA, in 2015. The topic of fire in eastern oak ecosystems is one that has received insufficient interest from the broader fire ecology com- munity. Specific papers in this issue address the historical role of fire in the region, the response and adaptations of plant and animal species to fire and fuels treatments, and the future of these important ecosystems under a future of global change. We hope that this issue provokes future research on the past, present, and future of fire in eastern North American oak ecosystems.


eastern deciduous forest, fire effects, fire history, fire regimes, mesophication, pre- scribed fire, Quercus


Varner, Morgan J.; Arthur, Mary A.; Clark, Stacy L.; Dey, Daniel C.; Hart, Justin L.; Schweitzer, Callie J. 2016. Fire in eastern north american oak ecosystems: filling the gaps. Fire Ecology. Volume 12, Issue 2.