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Ecological forestry: Much more than retention harvesting

Formally Refereed
Authors: Brian J. Palik, Anthony W. D'Amato
Year: 2017
Type: Scientific Journal
Station: Northern Research Station
Source: Journal of Forestry. 115(1): 51-53.


We read with interest the recent Journal of Forestry article on "Conceptual Ambiguities and Practical Challenges of Ecological Forestry: A Critical Review" (Batavia and Nelson 2016). In it, Batavia and Nelson do a good job of bringing attention to the concept of ecological forestry, and we agree that a clear understanding of what it is and what it can be is a useful undertaking; one that would likely open the door to even greater adoption by stakeholders. Moreover, a discussion of the need for an "appropriate ethic" for ecological forestry may be beneficial, and Batavia and Nelson’s suggestion of workshops and conferences on the topic would seem a step in the right direction, as does their call for increased attention given to ethics training in natural resource programs and forest management planning.


Palik, Brian J.; D'Amato, Anthony W. 2017. Ecological forestry: Much more than retention harvesting. Journal of Forestry. 115(1): 51-53.