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Effect of forestland availability by ownership type on license sales for hunting: a spatial approach

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Authors: Seong-.Hoon Cho, J.M. Bowker, Neelam C. Poudyal, Seung Gyu Kim, Dayton M. Lambert, Roland K. Roberts
Year: 2012
Type: Scientific Journal
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: Natural Resource Modeling


The effect of forestland availability under different ownership types on license sales for hunting in nine Southeastern states is empirically evaluated. An equation that represents license sales for hunting is estimated assuming the sale of hunting licenses in a particular county is related to the characteristics of that county as well as the characteristics and license sales for hunting in its neighboring counties. The positive effects of the amounts of both national and private forestland on license sales reaffirm the potential benefits of maintaining forestland to stimulate hunting. The positive spillover effect of national forests on license sales for hunting suggests that availability and close access to hunting in national forests within neighboring counties are important in supporting hunting license sales in a county. This study contributes to the general understanding of the drivers affecting individuals’ decisions to use natural resources for hunting. Advances in natural resource modeling, specifically the spatial process model and geospatial data used in this research, make it possible to examine the interactions between the spatial dynamics and ownership attributes of the natural system, allowing policy makers to design natural resource management practices that respond to a system characterized by these interactions.


Hunting demand, hunting license sales, private forest, public forest, Southeastern United States, spatial interaction.


Cho, Seong-.Hoon; Bowker, J.M.; Poudyal, Neelam C.; Kim, Seung Gyu; Lambert, Dayton M.; Roberts, Roland K. 2012. Effect of forestland availability by ownership type on license sales for hunting: a spatial approach. Natural Resource Modeling 25(2012): 549-573.