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Caroline Dormon: the South’s exceptional forest conservationist and naturalist

Informally Refereed
Authors: James P. Barnett, Sarah M. Troncale
Year: 2018
Type: General Technical Report
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: General Technical Report SRS-231. Asheville, NC: U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Southern Research Station.


Caroline C. “Carrie” Dormon was a renowned forest conservationist and one of the most influential American naturalists of the early 20th century. In an era when women had no role in forestry, she led the effort to establish the Kisatchie National Forest, developed forestry education materials for schools, and promoted support for forestry among civic and community leaders. In addition to her passion for forestry, Carrie advocated education and support for indigenous peoples, wrote important books and articles on native plants, promoted highway and landscape beautification using native plants, cultivated and hybridized native irises, and led the establishment of a State arboretum.


American Indians, Briarwood, forest conservation, forestry education, iris hybridization, Kisatchie National Forest, longleaf pine, Louisiana State Arboretum, native plants.


Barnett, James P.; Troncale, Sarah M. 2018. Caroline Dormon: the South s exceptional forest conservationist and naturalist. General Technical Report SRS-231. Asheville, NC: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southern Research Station. 44 p.