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Bachman’s warbler, a species in peril

Informally Refereed
Authors: Paul B. Hamel
Year: 2018
Type: Book
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: 2nd edition Copyright © Paul Hamel 2018 Original Copyright © 1986 by Smithsonian Institution All rights originally reserved by Smithsonian reverted to Paul Hamel in 2018.


This work was intended originally to be simply a bibliography in which all sources were presented and listed under appropriate subject headings; where disagreements or other circumstances necessitated, works were to be cross-referenced to each other. Recent reviewers have urged a more active authorship in which I evaluated the literature and identified important issues concerning the species. This I have done with some trepidation, but also with enthusiasm. Where my own researches have yielded new ideas or summaries, I present them as well.

The work comprises two Parts, (1) an introductory discussion of the biology and history of the birds, and (2) a list of publications that mention the species. The first Part is a brief introduction to and analysis of the literature dealing with the biology and history of Bachman's Warbler. Certain works cited in the introduction do not mention the species. Such citations are marked by asterisks and the works are listed in a separate Literature Cited section that accompanies Part 1. Part 2 constitutes the bibliography of the species in which works are listed in two ways. First is an alphabetical listing, by author, of papers that treat the Bachman's Warbler. Second is a listing by subject categories. The subject classifications are patterned loosely after those employed in recent volumes of the Zoological Record. Subject classifications in Part 1 and the subject-heading section of Part 2 are labelled the same to enable ready comparison. I provided many categories so that works might be referenced as specifically as possible. Readers expecting each reference to contain a substantial amount of information must be patient, however; information about this very rare species is far more often recorded in phrases than in paragraphs.


Hamel, Paul B. 2018. Bachman s warbler, a species in peril. 2d ed. Asheville, NC: U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Southern Research Station. 110 p.