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How To Refinish Wood Siding With Latex Paints

Informally Refereed
Authors: E. A. Mraz
Year: 1976
Type: Research Note
Station: Forest Products Laboratory
Source: (Research note FPL ; 0232):2 p.


Every homeowner with painted wood siding and trim at some time faces the job of repainting. In this note a simple test is described to determine whether an old surface will form a satisfactory bond with latex paints, and suggestions are given on preparing the surface to achieve a satisfactory bond.


Surface, Weatherin, Film, Failur, Sandin, Chal, Tri, Repainting, Water repellent preservatives, Primers, Caulk


Mraz, E. A. 1976. How To Refinish Wood Siding With Latex Paints. (Research note FPL ; 0232):2 p.