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Genetic markers for identification of southern pine species

Informally Refereed
Authors: Rabiu Olatinwo, D. Paul Jackson, Shi-Jean S. Sung, Alex Mangini, Brian Strom, James P. Barnett
Year: 2020
Type: Proceedings - Paper
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: e–Gen. Tech. Rep. SRS–253. Asheville, NC: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southern Research Station


The chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) is paternally inherited in pine species (Pinus spp.), hence potentially useful in developing genetic markers for four common southern pine species [longleaf pine (P. palustris Mill.), loblolly pine (P. taeda L.), shortleaf pine (P. echinata Mill.), and slash pine (P. elliottii Engelm.)]. In this study, we (a) developed a simple DNA tool to accurately distinguish pure longleaf pine seeds or seedlings from other pine species, a critically important aspect of any longleaf pine restoration effort, and (b) validated the accuracy of identified genetic marker/specific primer combinations that uniquely identify the four pine species. Four genetic markers identified in this study correctly distinguished the four southern pine species based on the evaluation of over 200 tissue samples from multiple sources in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi that were tested. This DNA-based tool will enable routine and timely detection of natural hybridization when screening for seeds or seedlings intended for the restoration of pine ecosystems in southern region of the United States.

Parent Publication


genetic marker, longleaf pine, Pinus palustris, loblolly pine, Pinus taeda, shortleaf pine, Pinus echinata, slash pine, Pinus elliottii, DNA, identification


Olatinwo, Rabiu; Jackson, D. Paul; Sung, Shi-Jean S.; Mangini, Alex; Strom, Brian; Barnett, James P. 2020. Genetic markers for identification of southern pine species. In: Bragg, Don C.; Koerth, Nancy E.; Holley, A. Gordon, eds. 2020. Proceedings of the 20th biennial southern silvicultural research conference. e Gen. Tech. Rep. SRS 253. Asheville, NC: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southern Research Station: 182-189.