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Past and present individual-tree damage assessments of the US national forest inventory

Formally Refereed
Authors: KaDonna C. Randolph, Kerry Dooley, John D. Shaw, Randall S. Morin, Christopher Asaro, Marin M. Palmer
Year: 2021
Type: Scientific Journal
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment


Identifying the signs and symptoms of pathogens, insects, and other biotic and abiotic agents provides valuable information about the absolute and relative impacts of different types of damage across the forest landscape. In the USA, damage collection protocols have been included in various forms since the initiation of state-level forest surveys in the early twentieth century; however, changes in the protocols over time have made it difficult for the data to be used to its full potential. This article outlines differences in protocols across inventory regions, changes in protocols over time, and limitations and utility of the data so that those interested in using the US national forest inventory database will better understand what data are available and how they have been and can be used.


abiotic damage, biotic damage, forest health monitoring, national forest inventory, tree damage


Randolph, KaDonna C.; Dooley, Kerry; Shaw, John D.; Morin, Randall S.; Asaro, Christopher; Palmer, Marin M. 2021. Past and present individual-tree damage assessments of the US national forest inventory. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 193, 116.