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Development of a reusable timber-concrete-composite system for bridge decks

Informally Refereed
Authors: James Wacker, Joana A.A. Campos, Alfredo M.P.G. Dias
Year: 2021
Type: Paper (invited, offered, keynote)
Station: Forest Products Laboratory
Source: paper in proceedings


This paper highlights research results from a joint effort between the Forest Products Laboratory (FPL) in the United States of America (USA) and the University of Coimbra (UC) in Portugal (PT). The main objective is the development of a Timber-Concrete Composite system (TCC) that utilizes precast concrete deck panels that accelerate construction times and can easily be removed to facilitate bridge repair/rehabilitation efforts and reuse options. The research is focused on various critical aspects such as the type of interconnection between the concrete deck and the glued laminated timber beams or the interconnection between the precast concrete deck panels. Several practical requirements were addressed that are important to the bridge industry in Portugal and in the USA, such as: accelerated bridge construction time, cost-competitiveness with existing bridge solutions, and eliminating the need for specialized labour skills.


Timber-concrete, bridges, composite structures, reuse, disassembling


Wacker, J.P.; Campos, J.A.A.; Dias, A.M.P.G. 2021. Development of a reusable timber-concrete-composite system for bridge decks. In: Proceedings of the World conference on Timber Engineering. Aug. 9-12, 2021. Santiago, Chili. Paper No. TE0414-1.