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Injecting undiluted 2,4-D Amine to control woody plants

Informally Refereed
Authors: Fred A. Peevy
Year: 1963
Type: Paper
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: Weed Science Society of America


At the 1962 Southern Weed Conference, I sunnnarized results from two studies that indicated the injection of undiluted phenoxy herbicides will kill upland scrub hardwoods more effectively and economically than diluted herbicides. Substantial·savings seemed possible through the use of cheaper chemicals, wider spacing of incisions, elimination of a carrier, and reduction of time spent in filling tools. A later and more comprehensive study, reported herein, substantiates earlier findings and provides additional information to guide landowners in their hardwood control programs.


Peevy, Fred A. 1963. Injecting undiluted 2,4-D Amine to control woody plants. In: 16th Southern Weed Conference; Mobile, Alabama.: Weed Science Society of America. 5 p.