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Repellent-coated pine seed can be stored

Formally Refereed
Authors: J. P. Barnett, B. F. McLemore
Year: 1966
Type: Scientific Journal (JRNL)
Station: Southern Research Station


Southern pine seeds coated with repellents can be stored for at least a year, even after stratification, without losing viability or becoming dormant. Moreover, the full effectiveness of the repellent coatings is retained. These findings were obtained in a study at Alexandria, Louisiana, with seed of longleaf, slash, lobolly, and shortleaf pines. They will be helpful to landowners who direct-seed because it is often necessary to store stratified, repellent-coated seed for several weeks when bad weather delays operations. Occasionally, treated seed must be stored a full year.


Barnett, J. P.; McLemore, B. F. 1966. Repellent-coated pine seed can be stored. Forest Farmer. 15(9):14.