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Other brush-control sprays compared to 2,4,5-T ester

Informally Refereed
Authors: Homer A. Brady
Year: 1971
Type: Paper
Station: Southern Research Station


Dicamba and picloram, alone or in mixture with 2,4,5-T, were as effective as 2,4,5-T ester in killing hardwood brush. Of 15 formulations tested, at least one excelled 2,4,5-T on every species except dogwood. Many of the formulations dmaged loblolly pine, however, and therefore would not be suitable for pine release in forest management. Ammonium nitrate as a spray additive did not increase herbicidal effectiveness.


Brady, Homer A. 1971. Other brush-control sprays compared to 2,4,5-T ester. Proceedings, 24th Annual Meeting, Southern Weed Science Society. Champaign, Illinois: Weed Science Society of America. 252-254.