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U.S. forest products annual market review and prospects, 2015-2021

Informally Refereed
Authors: Delton Alderman
Year: 2022
Type: General Technical Report (GTR)
Station: Forest Products Laboratory
Source: FPL-GTR-289


The year 2020 was unlike any other in recent United States and world history as a result of the 2019 COVID-19 coronavirus disease wreaking havoc on world health and nearly shuttering the global economy. Presented in this report are data and information on the current state of the U.S. economy and wood products markets and near-term prospects. This report is supported by conventional information and statistical data concerning forest products in terms of consumption, consumer credit, industrial production, prices, and trade. Market development information is offered for sawn softwood and hardwood, softwood and hardwood log trade, wood-based panels, paper and paperboard, fuelwood, forest product prices, and new housing sales and starts. Policy initiatives, which may affect domestic markets and international trade in wood products, also are discussed. Selected data are provided for the years 2015 through 2019, with estimates for 2020 and forecasts for 2021.


United States wood products markets, engineered wood products, lumber log and pulpwood markets, international wood products trade, new housing construction, repair and remodeling, softwood lumber agreement, wood consumption and production, wood products prices, wood energy


Alderman, D. 2022. U.S. forest products annual market review and prospects, 2015-2021. General Technical Report FPL-GTR-289. Madison, WI: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory. 31 p.