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Critical market tipping points for high-grade white oak inventory decline in the central hardwood region of the United States

Formally Refereed
Authors: Gaurav Dhungel, David Rossi, Jesse Henderson, Robert Abt, Ray Sheffield, Justin Baker
Year: 2023
Type: Scientific Journal
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: Journal of Forestry


This study expands the spatial scope of the Subregional Timber Supply (SRTS) model to include states in the central hardwood region and examine critical market tipping points of high-grade (large diameter) white oak under a set of illustrative scheduled demand scenarios. In light of the growing concern for future white oak timber supply, we illustrate the sensitivity of future inventory tipping points to market structure and price responsiveness. Particularly, we examined the importance of market demand parameters, including growth rates for product demand and supply/demand elasticities, in influencing future inventory trajectories in different subregions over the projection horizon. Results of this study indicate that more elastic demand and more inelastic supply response concomitantly defers the time before inventory culminates. This modeling framework shows promise in examining key ecological, climatic, and economic interrelationships that will drive future resource changes.


subregional timber supply model, central hardwood regions, high-grade, white oak, demand


Dhungel, Gaurav; Rossi, David; Henderson, Jesse D; Abt, Robert C; Sheffield, Ray; Baker, Justin. 2023. Critical Market Tipping Points for High-Grade White Oak Inventory Decline in the Central Hardwood Region of the United States. Journal of Forestry. 53(2 3): 487-.