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***AWARDED*** Carson City Stewardship Project





***AWARDED***   The Carson City Stewardship Project is located in Section 2 of T4N, R7W, and Sections 5, 20, 24, 28, and 33 of T5N, R7W, approximately Nine miles from Sand Hill, MS, in Greene County.  The Forest Service will receive sealed bids at the Supervisor's Office, at 200 North Lamar St, Suite 500-N, Box 44, Jackson MS, 39201 before 10:00 AM local time on September 23, 2020  for a combination of timber and stewardship service work items associated with the stewardship project.  Timber to be cut within the project area includes an estimated 3264 CCF of SYP sawtimber and 5511 CCF of SYP pulpwood that is marked or otherwise designated for cutting.    The project also includes 2 stewardship service work items.  Bids will be evaluated on a best value basis, and bidders must submit a technical proposal describing how stewardship service work will be completed, as well as a total value bid for the timber and the per unit rate for completing each stewardship service work item.  Offers will not be publicly opened or disclosed.  The Forest Service reserves the right to reject any and all bids.  A prospectus, bid form, blank technical proposal form, blank past performance form and complete information concerning the timber, the service work required in this contract, and the process to submit bids is available to the public from the forest website:  or

the Supervisor's Office, 601-814-0905 and the Chickasawhay District Office, 968 Hwy 15 South, Laurel, MS 39443, 601-428-0594.


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