Resource Management

Competing Priorities

How do you balance so many issues that want and need to occupy the same landscape, often at the very same time?

We need to protect from catastrophic fires and let wildlife flourish, all while offering recreation opportunities that we'll pass down to our children and their children.

The question is how do we balance it all?

  • Heber Wild Horse Territory

    Heber Horse Terratory

    Developing a territory management plan for wild horse management actions within the Heber Wild Horse Territory, consistent with laws, regulations and the Forest Plan.

  • NM Meadow Jumping Mouse

    Jumping Mouse

    Learn about how we're protecting the New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse, an endangered species.

  • Unauthorized Livestock

    Wild calf on the national forest

    The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest is committed to proper management of feral horses and feral cattle.

  • Range Management

    Great Blue Heron Rookery

    As one of many multiple uses, the ASNFs administer nearly two million National Forest System acres in livestock grazing allotments.  



Wildlife, Habitat and the Wallow Fire

Great Blue Heron

Some stood around the edges of their nests watching over their young while some hunkered down digesting their morning meal. Still others continued feeding at the lake.

It was the last week of June of this year and I was looking at the great blue heron rookery of Luna Lake. They were still there. They survived. Despite the wildfire bearing down on their rookery, and the smoke that accompanied it; despite the fire suppression activity at their feeding ground (helicopters dipping water and heavy fire engine traffic); and despite the burn-out operations through
their rookery, they survived. And they hatched young.
This is a success story. A wildlife success story. But not just a wildlife success story. For it also involves proactive forest management, and a community.

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How Fuel Treatments Saved Homes from the Wallow Fire

Rapid Assessment Report

Without Fuel Treatments: ‘Many of the Houses Would Have Caught Fire and Burned to the Ground’

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