Resource Management

The Bighorn National Forest works hard to preserve, protect and maintain the resources found within national forest boundary.

Fire Management

Fire management combines elements of fire prevention, fire suppression and fire use.  Find out what you can do to help.

Wildlife Habitat Management

Numerous streams, lakes, reservoirs, varied topography, climate, and vegetation of the Bighorn National Forest provide habitats for an abundance of native fish and wildlife, including many of the most striking animals found in North America.

Forest Products

Permits are available for a variety of forest products, including firewood, post and poles, transplants and christmas trees.

Recreation Resource Management

This section provides our trail strategy and work plan, recreation facility anaylsis and the National Visitor Use Monitoring (NVUM) report.

Water, Air & Soil Resource Management

Water quality and soil productivity standards are maintained on the Bighorn National Forest by applying Best Management Practices (BMP's).

Range Resource Analysis

Rangelands are valuable and extensive ecosystems within the Bighorn National Forest, comprising about 21% of the public land in our area.They provide clean water, forage for grazing and browsing animals, cover for many wildlife species, and a variety of recreational opportunities for our visitors.

Timber Resource Management 

This section talks about Pine Beetle and White Pine Blister Rust.

Timber Sales