Resource Management

An important part of the Forest Service mission is protecting and managing the national forests and grasslands so they best demonstrate the sustainable multiple-use management concept.

In other words, the Daniel Boone National Forest is charged with managing natural resources in a way that best serves the multiple needs of a growing nation.

The agency was established to ensure a renewable supply of timber and a steady source of clean water and minerals.

The Forest Service does not "own" the natural resources. Instead, the agency serves as caretaker for the real owners...the people of the United States.

Fire and Fuels

Water and Soil

Kentucky Interagency Coordination Center


Why is my cave closed?

All caves and mines on national forest lands in the southern region are closed to the public to prevent and slow the spread of White-Nose Syndrome, a condition that is killing hundreds of thousands of bats throughout the southern United States.

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid moved into Kentucky in 2007 and has been found on the Daniel Boone National Forest.

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