Resource Management

Fremont-Winema National Forest is managed to maintain, improve and sustain forest health, diversity and productivity for the benefit of current and future generations. 

  • Biomass

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    The Fremont-Winema National Forest has developed a number of projects that are intended to reduce biomass to more sustainable levels and ultimately allow fire to play a more natural role in the forest.

  • Ecology

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    Botany, Bugs, Botany, Fish & Wildlife, and Ecological Unit Survey information.

  • Fire

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    Information about managing fire on the Fremont-Winema National Forest.

  • Forest Genetics

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    The Forest has a genetic resource management program that is designed to produce high quality seed for both planned and unforeseen reforestation needs.

  • Range Management

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    View documentation on range management at Fremont-Winema National Forest.

Timber Sales

For additional information on advertised sales listed, contact the district listed in the advertisement or the Fremont-Winema Forest Supervisor's Office in Lakeview. Older timber sale advertisement information is also available online.

Note: Sale information on this site will be carefully reviewed and monitored to maintain accuracy, however, in the event that discrepancies occur between the official hard copy sale documents on file in the forest office, and those displayed on this web-site, information contained in the official copy takes precedence. View the map product disclaimer

Timber Sales

Currently Advertised Remarks

Beatty Decks Sale

Sealed Bids will be opened at the Chiloquin Ranger District Office, 08/09/2022, 10:00am.


NO BIDS 7/12/2022. Reoffered as the LLBB "Reoffer" Timber Sale to all size classes. Bid Opening 7/19/2022, Chiloquin Ranger District Office, 10:00am.

44 Road Decks Sale 2400-17

Awarded to Gilchrist Forest Products 7/7/2022.

44 Road Decks Sale

Awarded to Gilchrist Forest Products 7/7/2022


Awarded to Gilchrist Forest Products, 8/1/2022.

44 RS Hazard Tree 2400-17

Awarded to Gilchrist Forest Products, 09/09/2021.

Sybel Fuels Reduction SBA Sale

*NO BIDS* 10/14/2021. Contract is REOFFERED to OPEN Bidding.

Bootleg Timber Decks SBA Sale

*NO BIDS* 11/09/2021. This Sale is being "Reoffered".

LLBB SBA Timber Sale

*NO BIDS* Reoffered to all Bidders & Class Sizes. BID OPENING 7/19/2022, Chiloquin Ranger District, 10:00 am. SEE New Advertisement LLBB TIMBER SALE.

Sybel Fuels Reduction SBA 2400-17

*NO BIDS* 10/14/2021

Bootleg Timber Decks Reoffer Sale

Awarded to Progressive Services Corporation, 11/19/2021.

Sybel Fuels Reduction ReOffer #2

Awarded to Quicksilver Contracting Co. 11/05/2021

27 RS Hazard Tree Award 2400-17

Awarded to Gilchrist Forest Products 10/18/2021.

27 RS Hazard Tree Sale

Awarded to Gilchrist Forest Products 10/18/2021.

Bootleg Timber Decks Reoffer 2400-17

Awarded 11/19/2021.

Key Contacts

Interagency Hotshot Crew (IHC) Key Contacts: