Resource Management

Forest Resource Management includes the oversight of a wide variety of forest resources - from urban forests to remote wilderness areas - to provide environmental and economic benefits for society including wood, wildlife, special forest products, and water. The United States devotes more of its public lands to recreation use than any other country, so it's natural that those who manage these areas are concerned with the overall sustainability of these unique recreation resources, also.


Milpitas Special Interest Area

Monterey Ranger District Spring Wildflowers

Milpitas Special Interest Area Collaborative Management Final Plan. February 6, 2012

Elements of a Prescribed Burn

Firefighters and fire engines observe the prescribed burn; ready incase they are needed.

Brookshire Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project - Colson Burn Unit was initiated on December 12 and continued on through December 14, 2005. This prescribed burn project will be used as an example to explain prescribed fire.