Resource Management

Forest Management

Olympic National Forest area after thinning, Figure 1.jpgThinning is one of many forest management tools employed to meet ecological, social, and economic objectives. On the Olympic National Forest, commercial thinning is used to diversify forest structure and composition as well as produce valuable timber. This increases habitat and forage for wildlife, enhances visual quality, and even provides economic opportunities for local businesses.

Watershed Restoration through Collaborative Partnerships

Salmon and other aquatic wildlife depend on healthy watersheds.Watersheds on the Olympic Peninsula and within the Olympic National Forest span both private and public lands. Whole watershed restoration and management requires a collaborative effort with diverse landowners. Discover three focus watersheds we are actively collaborating within to restore ecosystem resilience on the peninsula.

Invasive Plant Program

The Olympic National Forest Invasive Plant Program efforts work to mitigate spread of high priority weed species including knotweed, hawkweed, herb Robert and Scotch broom. 

Timber Sale Management

At the time a project is advertised, bid information, sale area map, sample contract and clauses will be posted on this page. To review the complete timber sale offering package please visit the Forest Service office indicated in the advertisement. After bid opening, the results will be posted as "Report of Timber Sale."

For a look at anticipated timber sales offerings for FY 2018, please view the linked Six Month Advertisement List document.

Timber Sales


Oh No Timber Sale

WWB Stewardship Integrated Resource Timber Contract

A combination lock has been placed on the gate on FSR 2340100. The combination is 2320. Please lock the gate after entering and exiting. If you have any questions contact Andrew Gilmer at 360-956-2320.

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Natural Resources Staff Officer

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Fish & Watershed

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Wildlife, Ecology, Botany, & Invasive Plants   

Susan Piper
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Forest Health/Timber

Kevin Senderak
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Timber Sales

Andrew Gilmer
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Ray Hershey - Sale Preparation
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