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Stretching from near the center of Arkansas to southeast Oklahoma, the pristine Ouachita National Forest is the South's oldest national forest, created December 18, 1907 by President Theodore Roosevelt.  Rich in history, the rugged Ouachita Mountains were first explored in 1541 by Hernando DeSoto's party of Spaniards.  French explorers followed, flavoring the region with names like Fourche la Fave River.  "Ouachita" is the French spelling of the Native American word "Washita" which means "good hunting grounds."

Comprising more than 1.8 million acres, the mountain scenery, tall pines, and many species and varieties of vegetation form a unique attraction for forest visitors.

Besides outdoor adventures, the forest provides timber and other forest products for the nation.  The forest's ecosystem management policy guarantees both healthy land now and encourages careful use of the forest for the future.


Red Cockaded Woodpecker and Pine Bluestem Restoration

Shortleaf Pine Renewal
Pine-Bluestem Literature Review
RCW and Shortleaf Pine
Pine-Bluestem Buffalo Road Tour
Birding Opportunity

Aquatics and Fishing

Ouachita Crayfish
Ouachita River Darters
Little River Darters
Leopard Darters

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Minerals and Geology

The Ouachita National Forest is pleased to annouce the 22nd sale for quartz mineral parcels. See documents below for further details.

Letter announcement of Competitive Quart Sale
Notice of Competitive Quartz Sale Aptil 2, 2019


Timber Bid Information


Red Slough Wildlife Management Area

The Red Slough Wildlife Management Area is a 5,814 acre wetland project designed to restore hydrology and re-establish bottomland hardwoods.  Red Slough is a very popular recreational destination located in southeastern Oklahoma and is a premier birdwatching and waterfowl hunting area.

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