Resource Management

About 34 inches of precipitation falls on the Umatilla National Forest each year, producing over 800 billion gallons of water that flows from five major river basins: the John Day River, Grande Ronde River, Umatilla-Willow Creek, and the Walla Walla and Lower Snake Rivers. The Forest's streams, rivers, and lakes provide fish and wildlife habitat, and water for surrounding communities as well as for agricultural, grazing, and recreational purposes. Read full article...

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Timber Resources 


Climate change and watershed vulnerability

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Climate change and watershed vulnerability poster

Timber Sales


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Timber Sales

This page contains information on anticipated (Future) Timber Sales, as well as current advertisement notices. Currently advertised Timber Sale documents are found below under the individual sale name.

Stewardship Solicitation(s)

This page provides the link to view available stewardship solicitations.

Nickel Timber Sale

On 01/08/2019, at 10:00 AM, initial bids for Oral Auction will be opened in the Supervisor's Office, Umatilla National Forest, 72510 Coyote Road, Pendleton, OR 97801 for the Nickel sale.

Key Contacts

Umatilla National Forest
c/o Timber Resources
72510 Coyote Road
Pendleton , OR 97801

Kone Hancock, Contracting Officer 

Joan Tierney, Timber Resource Specialist

Kathrine Richardson, Forest NEPA Coordinator

Paula Brooks, Forest Botanist

Megan Lowell (Acting), Forest Silviculturist
Don Justice, Vegetation Analyst

Fish Biologist
Kathy Ramsey

Wildlife Biologist
Lizzy Berkley

Hydrology Contacts

Supervisors office 

Forest Hydrologist, Joy Archuleta
Forest Soil Scientist, Jim Archuleta
Water Lab, Dolly Robison

Pomeroy and Walla Walla Ranger Districts

North Zone Hydrologist (at Walla Walla), Zig Napkora

Heppner and North Fork John Day Ranger Districts

South Zone Hydrologist (at NFJD), Ed Farren
Hydro Tech, Vacant