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Long-Term Fire Retardants

Long-term fire retardants contain retardant salts (typically fertilizers) that alter the way fire burns, decreasing fire intensity and slowing the advance of a fire, even after the water the retardants originally contained has evaporated.

The water these retardants contain serves primarily to aid in dispersing the retardant uniformly over the target area.

Refer to the "Long-Term Retardants Fact Sheet" for further information.


"Forest Service Specification FS 5100-304d" provides the specific requirements for qualifying long-term retardants.

WFCS must first evaluate and approve long-term fire retardants before they can be used on Federal lands. The process for fully evaluating products can take 18 to 24 months. We list these products on our QPL once we approve them.

Submission for Evaluation

If your company is interested in submitting long-term fire retardants for us to evaluate, please contact our program. Refer to the document "Manufacturer Submission Procedures for Qualification Testing of Wildland Fire Chemical Products" for an overview of our submission procedures.

We require the following completed forms at the time of submission:

Product Testing

"Forest Service Specification FS 5100-304d" outlines the testing and requirements that new long-term retardants must meet before WFCS places them on the QPL. The Wildland Fire Chemicals Test Procedures web page outlines these test methods and requirements.

Approved Products

The following links outline information about currently approved long-term retardants, and contact information for the companies that produce them:

Environmental Health and Safety

WFCS tests wildland fire chemicals thoroughly to ensure both human and ecological health and safety. We integrate risk assessments and environmental consultations into our testing and approval processes. Refer to the following links for more information about using long-term retardants: