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Airborne and Lidar measurements of smoke plume rise, emissions, and dispersion

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Author: Urbanski, Shawn P.; Kovalev, Vladimir A.; Hao, Wei Min

This data publication consists of measurements of smoke plume rise, emissions, and dispersion in and around eight wildfires in the western United States and prescribed fires in California, Idaho, and North Carolina. Eleven wildland fires were investigated between August 2009 and August 2011, allowing the research team to measure plume rise and smoke transport over a wide range of meteorological conditions, fire activity, fuels, and terrain. This data publication provides observations for the evaluation of smoke dispersion and air quality forecasting models. The data publication includes measurements of prognostic variables (plume height and the concentrations of aerosol, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and methane) of plume rise models, smoke dispersion models, and atmospheric chemistry transport models. The subcomponent models of smoke modeling systems, such as plume rise and fire effects models rely on a variety of fire environment data as input including ambient meteorological conditions, fuel type, fuel loading, and fuel condition. In addition to measuring model prognostic variables, this data publication also has ancillary data consisting of fire environment variables which are input for the subcomponent models of smoke modeling systems.