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Auyuittuq and Quttinirpaaq National Parks in the eastern Arctic Nunavut Region of Canada: 2003-2004 visitor experience study

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Author: Watson, Alan E.; Lachapelle, Paul R.; McCool, Stephen F.

This data publication contains audio and transcriptions of in-depth qualitative interviews of visitors, local residents, and scientists at Auyuittuq National Park (ANP) and Quttinirpaaq National Park (QNP) of Nunavut, Canada conducted in 2003. The interviews were meant to obtain information and feedback regarding visitor experiences. This data publication also contains survey responses from visitors to ANP in 2004. The total population of visitors to QNP was only 20 in 2004, while 16 of those completed the survey they were not included in analysis or the data published here. The survey data include visitor demographics and experiences in the parks as well as visitor opinions of the various management actions.