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Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex (BMWC) 2004 visitor preference and usage data along with characteristics and attitudes towards Fire Management

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Author: Whitmore, Joshua G.; Borrie, William T.; Watson, Alan E.; Knotek, Katie

Research at the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex (BMWC) in Montana explored differences in recreation visitors’ attitudes towards the use of management-ignited prescribed fires in the wilderness. This data publication contains the results of both on-site and mail-back surveys during the summer and fall of 2004. Visitors to thirteen trailheads at the BMWC were asked to provide information on whether they used an outfitter, length of stay, mode of travel, education level, and previous experience level at the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. The 396 respondents to the on-site survey were then sent mail-back questionnaires asking questions regarding their stay and and visitor satisfaction with wilderness conditions encountered, both resource and social density conditions, and preference of various policies and fire management actions.