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Capture history and handling times for "Netguns: a technique for capturing Black-backed Woodpeckers"

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Author: Lehman, Chad P.; Kesler, Dylan C.; Rota, Christopher T.; Rumble, Mark A.; Seckinger, Eric M.; Juntti, Thomas M.; Millspaugh, Joshua J.

This data publication includes capture history and handling times for Black-backed Woodpeckers (Picoides articus) between September 2008 and June 2011 in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Study sites chosen were forests impacted recently by fire or mountian pine beetle infestations. Seventy-five Black-backed Woodpeckers were captured using Coda or carbon dioxide powered netguns, and 26 of those birds were recaptured. Of these 101 captures, 85% occurred during the nonbreeding season. Data include measurements such as capture date, stage of life and gender of bird, coordinates of capture, whether or not the bird was a recapture, and the length of handling time.