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Data product for "Nitrogen level and legume presence affect competitive interactions between a native and invasive grass"

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Author: Goergen, Erin

We conducted a greenhouse experiment to investigate effects of the native N2-fixing legume, L. argenteus, on competitive interactions between seedlings of the non-native annual grass, B.tectorum, and a native perennial grass, E. multisetus, over a gradient of nitrogen (N) availability. The experiment consisted of three levels of N (0, 5mM and 20mM N, where mM = millimolar = millimoles per liter), two levels of target species (Bromus or Elymus) and three levels of competitor (Lupinus, Bromus, or Elymus).Within each treatment we measured tiller production, aboveground biomass, and tissue carbon (C) and N of target species. Potassium chloride (KCl) extractable soil N also was measured within each treatment.