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Missoula Fire Lab Emission Inventory (MFLEI) for CONUS

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Author: Urbanski, Shawn P.; Reeves, Matt C.; Corley, Rachel E.; Hao, Wei Min; Silverstein, Robin P.

The Missoula Fire Lab Emission Inventory (MFLEI) is a retrospective, daily wildfire emission inventory for the contiguous United States with a spatial resolution of 250 meters (m). MFLEI was produced using multiple datasets of fire activity and burned area, a newly developed wildland fuels map and an updated emission factor database. This data publication contains the 2003-2015 MFLEI estimates of daily fuel consumed and emissions of CO2, CO, CH4, and PM2.5 at 250 m spatial resolution. The inventory also includes carefully constructed uncertainty estimates for daily fuel consumption and emissions at 250 m spatial resolution. The dataset includes daily emissions and uncertainties aggregated to 10 kilometer (km) × 10 km grid. The aggregated product provides area burned, mass of fuel consumed, and emissions of CO2, CO, CH4, and PM2.5. The emission and emission uncertainty data are provided as comma-delimited ASCII text files. MFLEI fuel consumption and land cover type may be combined with published emission factor datasets to estimate emissions for hundreds of volatile organic compounds and other pollutants present in fresh wildfire smoke. This data publication contains geospatial data in raster format and tabular data. The raster datasets includes a map of the coefficient of variation of the herbaceous fuel loading, a land cover map of herbaceous, shrub, and forest type groups (FIA), and maps of the upper bound, lower bound, and best estimate of herbaceous or shrub fuel loading.