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National river recreation study data: a nationwide survey of river recreation use from 1977-1984

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Author: Cole, David N.

This data publication contains data collected as part of the National River Recreation Study (NRRS), which was a program of long-term research on river recreationists nationwide. The North Central Forest Experiment Station, USDA Forest Service, St. Paul, Minnesota (NCFES) conducted the overall study between 1977 and 1984. Both onsite interviews and mail back surveys were used to collect data, which included recreationist responses from over 69 surveys that took place in 23 states across the United States on 57 different river segments. Participants were asked questions about river usage (how often visited, type of watercraft used, etc.), opinions of location (erosion of stream banks, litter on banks, too many homes along river, etc.), changes people might like to see (more parking at access points, post signs warning of hazard, etc.), why they visit the location, and potential damage found or conflicts with other visitors.