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RxCADRE 2012: In-situ fire behavior measurements

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Author: Jimenez, Daniel M.; Butler, Bret W.

This data publication contains fire behavior package (FBP) data; primarily flame temperature, horizontal and vertical mass flow, fire intensity, as well as ocular rates of spread (ROS), wind speed and direction data from the Prescribed Fire Combustion and Atmospheric Dynamics Research Experiment (RxCADRE) project conducted in November, 2012. These experiments were conducted on 7 small replicate and 3 large operational prescribed burn blocks in longleaf pine ecosystems on Eglin Air Force Base in Okaloosa County, Florida. Data were collected using three separate sensor systems. The first included sensor/datalogger measurements of convective/radiant energy, temperature and mass flow released by the fire. The second was a digital video camera housed in a fire proof enclosure that recorded visual images of the fire behavior. The third was an array of broadly distributed HOBO micro station anemometers. Both FBP sensor packages and camera system were located nominally 0.5 meters above ground level. The anemometers were 3.05 meters above ground level. The raw data have been processed using calibration data and converted into engineering units. The data provides 10 Hz fire flux measurements (kW/m²), temperature (C), and mass flow (m/sec) in the vertical and horizontal direction per FBP. The anemometer data provide 1 second wind speed and direction as well as 3 second average wind spread, direction and maximum gust.