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Shining Rock Wilderness: 1990 visitor survey data

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Author: Watson, Alan E.; Cole, David N.; Roggenbuck, Joseph W.; Stubbs, Christopher J.

This data publication contains 1990 survey data for two different studies conducted in the Shining Rock Wilderness, which is in the Pisgah National Forest of western North Carolina. The first is a trend study to understand changes in visitor characteristics and the other was a study to understand knowledge and behavior about campsite selection and low-impact camping. Data for the ‘trend study’ were collected through a survey of visitors to the Shining Rock Wilderness. Visitors were contacted at trailheads, and those that agreed to participate in the study received a mailback survey, resulting in two data sets from two different survey instruments: visitor contact data and mailback survey data. Data for the second, ‘behavior and knowledge study’, was obtained from contacts and observations at campsites by Wilderness rangers. Two data sets (from two different survey instruments) were the result of the onsite information and observations and the mailback survey.