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Social conditions, conflict, and preference data for users in the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area in 1994

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Author: Watson, Alan E.; Zaglauer, Hans P.; Stewart, Susan I.

The data available here highlight visitor preferences for naturalness and social conditions for their visitor experience in the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area (RNRA) and Wilderness in Montana. Mountain bikers and hikers in the RNRA were surveyed in 1994 to measure conflict between various user groups visiting the RNRA. Random onsite interviews were conducted to gather basic on-site information regarding length of visit, travel destinations, and group characteristics. If willing to participate, interviewees were sent mailback questionnaires which contained more details on classification of visitors by activities participated in, preference for conditions, encounters with others, factors influencing the quality of their experience, and overall feelings of the RNRA. This study is, in part, a replication of a similar study done in the same area in 1989.