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Climate Summary for the Rio Grande National Forest

Posted date: April 23, 2019
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Authors: Marian Talbert - USGS North Central Climate Science Center; John Gross - National Park Service; Jeff Morisette - USGS North Central Climate Science Center; Colin Talbert - USGS North Central Climate Science Center
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Prepared for and used by the 2016 Rio Grande National Forest Climate Change Revision Plan workshop attendees. These graphics were developed to describe the historic climate as well as climate model projections for the region of interest, the Rio Grande National Forest. We use several approaches to provide a complete picture of the information that is available including annual, seasonal, and monthly summaries, analysis of trends, comparisons of models, ranges in model projections as well as maps.

Research Topics: 
Climate Change
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Climate Change
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Inventory and Monitoring
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Inventory & Monitoring; Water & Watersheds
climate change; workshop