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Connecting soils with forest productivity

Posted date: October 10, 2018
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Authors: Binkley, Dan
Document type: Other Documents


Binkley, Dan (1990). Connecting soils with forest productivity. In: Harvey, Alan E., & Neuenschwander, Leon F. (1991). Proceedings—Management and productivity of Western-Montane forest soils, April 10–12, 1990, Boise, ID, USDA Forest Service General Technical Report INT-280, August 1991.


The productivity of Rocky Mountain forests is lower than forests in most other regions due to shorter growing seasons and low precipitation. Nutrient availability also appears to limit most forests in the region. Although operational fertilization remains uncommon in the region, standard forest management practices have large impacts on soils that can increase or decrease nutrient availability. Sustained productivity cannot be assured without improving our understanding of the effects of management on soils.

soil; forest productivity