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Differential sensitivity of stream temperatures to climate variability

Posted date: December 03, 2014
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Authors: Isaak, Daniel J.; Luce, Charles H.;
Document type: Briefing Papers


Estimating the thermal response of streams to a warming climate is important for prioritizing fish conservation efforts. While many estimates of air temperature responses to climate change exist, the sensitivity of streams to warming temperatures is less well understood. Previous research has focused on establishing a correlation between sub-annual scale temperature variations in air and stream temperatures driven by annual cycles in solar angle; however, this is an indirect and imprecise proxy to explain changes in stream energy balance driven by climate change.


Luce, C.H., B.P. Staab, M.G. Kramer, S.J. Wenger, D.J. Isaak, and C. McConnell. 2014. Sensitivity of summer stream temperatures to climate variability in the Pacific Northwest. Water Resources Research 50: 1-16.

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Luce, Charles H. ; Staab, Brian ; Kramer, Marc ; Wenger, Seth ; Isaak, Daniel J. ; McConnell, Callie , 2014