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Geomorphic road analysis and inventory package (GRAIP)

Posted date: January 23, 2015
Publication Year: 
Authors: Black, Thomas A.; Luce, Charles H.;
Document type: Briefing Papers


Forest roads are a principle source of anthropogenic fine sediment entering streams on Forest Service lands. Efficiently locating, quantifying, and prioritizing reduction activities for these sediment sources is a major concern for managers.


GRAIP Identifies:

1) sediment delivery from roads to streams;

2) need and priority forroad restoration based on risk of road related landslides and gully initiation;

3) less than 10% of the road network often responsible for 90% of road sediment delivery;

4) many aspects of road risk associated with watershed health in a single field visit;

5) effectiveness monitoring for BMP and TMDL work.

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