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Interior West Forest Inventory and Analysis P2 field procedures, version 7.00

Posted date: February 01, 2016
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USDA Forest Service. 2016. Interior West Forest Inventory and Analysis P2 field procedures, v. 7.00. USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Interior West Forest Inventory and Analysis, Ogden, UT. 439 pp.


This document describes the standards, codes, methods, and definitions for Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) field data items. The objective is to describe CORE FIA field procedures that are consistent and uniform across all FIA units. This CORE is the framework for regional FIA programs; individual programs may add variables, but may not change the CORE requirements. Unless otherwise noted, the items in this field guide are considered CORE, that is, the information will be collected by all FIA units as specified. Items or codes specified as CORE OPTIONAL are not required by individual units; however, if the item is collected or coded, it will be done as specified in this field guide. It is expected that on average all items in this guide (volume I of the FIA field methods guide) can be measured by a two-person field crew in less than one day, including travel time to and from plot.

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