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Larix occidentalis Nutt.: Western larch

Posted date: August 20, 2015
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Authors: Schmidt, Wyman C. - Intermountain Research Station; Shearer, Raymond C. - Rocky Mountain Research Station
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Schmidt, Wyman C.; Shearer, Raymond C. 1999. Larix occidentalis Nutt., western larch. Pp 160-172 in Burns, Russell M.; Honkala, Barbara H. (eds.). Silvics of North America. Agriculture Handbook 654, Volume 1. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service.


Western larch (Larix occidentalis), a deciduous conifer, is also called tamarack and western tamarack; less commonly used names are hackmatack, mountain larch, and Montana larch. It is largest of the larches and is the most important timber species of the genus. Western larch is used for lumber, fine veneer, poles, ties, mine timbers, and pulpwood.