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Northern Goshawks: A 20 year study of ecology and habitat on

Posted date: July 13, 2017
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Authors: Reynolds, Richard T.;
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Research on the Kaibab has shown that goshawks, predators of birds and small mammals, are strongly food-limited. The  local suite of prey depends on the amount, quality, and inter-mixture of the particular habitats needed by each prey which includes a fine-scale mix of small groups of mature trees with interlocking crowns for tree squirrels, woodpeckers, grouse, and other birds, and scattered small grass-forb openings for rabbits, ground squirrels, grouse, and other prey. Interestingly, this habitat mix characterized the natural conditions of the ponderosa pine and mixed conifer forests on the Kaibab Plateau before initiation of fire suppression and organized tree harvests.

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