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Results of Erosion Analysis of the Clear Creek Road Network

Posted date: September 06, 2019
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Authors: Elliot, William J.; Miller, Ina Sue S.; Cao, Longxi - Institute of Soil Science - Chinese Academy of Sciences
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The Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest is planning a major restoration project to improve forest health and decrease the risk of wildfire in the Clear Creek Watershed. Elliot and Miller (2017) provided a detailed analysis estimating likely erosion from the proposed treatment areas, but at that time, did not have the tools to satisfactorily estimate sediment from the road network. Earlier estimates of likely road sediment generation were made with the NezSed cumulative effects model, which was not able to consider erosion from individual road segments. When Dr. Cao joined the research team, we were able to develop the methodology described below to complete a road network erosion analysis. This report is an example of applying this new methodology and evaluating its utility to support watershed analysis.

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